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About SigMath

SigMath is a Windows application which allows to visualize interactive content in an easy way. SigMath works as interpreter of its own programming language and combines the following functionality:

Interactive functions allow user interaction and navigation in SigMath documents as known from web pages.
SigMath's graphical engine is based on OpenGL. For SigMath each document is regarded as an animation, i.e., the content of the document is permanently updated and redrawn. This allows to perform user-driven mathematical computations and visualize its results in "real time".
The text layout syntax is similar to LaTeX syntax. Whereas LaTeX aims at producing printed, and therefore static, documents, SigMath's layout capabilities are designed for dynamic text display on the screen.
Additionally, graphic export is available based on the GL2PS–library by C. Geuziane.

For developers of SigMath documents the application provides the following:
Developer suite, DLL support, multithreading, interfaces to OpenGL and Windows System library.

SigMath's functionality is easily extendable by importing functions and methods written in C/C++.