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Download: Program SigMath

VersionSizeOperating systemFile
Programm October 12, 2011, Version 1.070 2.2 MB Windows SigMath_v1.070_install.exe
Short manual 0.1 MB Short Guide (PDF)
(also contained in the application bundle)


  • If you already installed a former version of SigMath, you can uninstall it by simply deleting the SigMath application folder. Parallel usage of several versions is possible, too.
  • Save the file SigMathZIP-Version.exe to a temporary directory on your computer and start the executable (or start the executable in the web browser directly, if possible). You will be prompted for an installation directly, choose, e.g., C:\Program Files. The executable will generate a new subdirectory "SigMath-Version" in installation directory.
  • After installation start "SigMath-Version.exe" in the installation directory
  • The downloaded file "SigMathZIP-Version.exe" can be deleted after installation.
  • The graphical user interface is written in OpenGL. Not all OpenGL graphics card drivers work error-free. In case of problems, download the latest driver version from your graphics card manufacturer homepage.

  • The SigMath Developer Suite which contains further tools to develop new applications in SigMath can be found at "For Developers".